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What makes a CardaWorld unique?

Each CardaWorld has been procedurally generated with a different seed. The algorithm produces a unique world with different landmasses, distribution of vegetation and presence of rarities.

How can I view my CardaWorld?

You can use our explorer to view the CardaWorlds in your wallet. Simply enter a wallet address in the search bar and all of your CardaWorlds wll be displayed. You can click on each of them to view them on a 3D viewer. Inside the 3D viewer you can also click on the name of the CNFT to view the map image on IPFS

You can also view the CardaWorld inside your wallet if you use a compatible wallet, such as Nami Wallet. Other conventional tools, like can also be used.

How can I share my CardaWorld with others?

You can search for your CardaWorld using the CardaWorlds explorer and share the IPFS link or you can share the link

What is next?

Our main mission is to give everyone the chance to own and collect their own fantasy worlds, imagine stories in that world, and have fun!